Friday, January 29, 2010

Jigsaw puzzle anyone?

Wrapped and ready to go. I am very proud of this bean bag/ footrest.
(Note. I even made a puzzle piece shaped gift card)

OPAM number 2 was made from scratch in the last week and I love it. I found the wonderful pattern at the Quiltlove stand at the Brisbane Craft Fair in October last year. The pattern is designed by Scarlet & Grace Designs. Their pattern is supposed to be made with chenille and seems to be stuffed fairly firmly, but I opted for the green cottons (as Cindy loves green) and one bag of poly beans to make it comfortable to sit on. Works a treat.

It has now been passed onto Cindy who was so pleased she cried (I love that response).

E demonstrates how comfortable it is.
The bean bag/ footrest without E.
Next project, here I come - oh yeah, I need to finish that photobook.

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