Monday, April 26, 2010

25 Children taught to blanket stitch

I am so very proud of this project & very proud of the children involved.

My son's grade 2/3 teacher is currently on marriage leave & during this 2 weeks of her absence a few other mums & I have taught them to blanket stitch.

So in roughly 8 hours, 25 non sewers have become very proud blanket stitchers.

This is T showing off his sewing

Once the children had sewn their blocks I took my machine into school & showed them how I would quilt each heart (outline quilting) and joined the blocks together to make a shaggy quilt.

I love it & I know it will make Miss Price cry.
Congratulations 2/3H.


  1. Debra, this looks great all made up. You should be very proud!!Gayle

  2. This is awesome. The kids have done an awesome job of sewing these hearts and I am sure Miss Price will be very happy when she recieves this. AS


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