Monday, May 10, 2010


Roma show was on last week & so I took that as my deadline to finish a quilt I started in a workshop last year.

My "Convergence" quilt was started in a workshop with Julie Latcham of Cow Paddocks and Craft, in August 2009.

Most of the ladies made 1 unit, added borders & embellishments, I however took the challenge offered by Julie to make 4 units, & add them together.

This is 1 unit of mine on it's own.
This vibrant butterfly design is 1 unit with borders & embellishments.
and this is the variety of designs created in the weekend.
The photo below is what I left the workshop with & how I wanted to join my units together.

Unfortunately I realised the 'lantern' fabric in the centre would not join up well & you would see the joins, so I had to reassess.

Let's just say that I finished 4 units in the weekend workshop, but they were 4 different sizes & I was quite prepared to throw the whole thing in the bin. I really was not happy with my efforts.

So after much 'cranking' about it I decided just to put it together. I sewed it up, added borders & mounted it on my quilting frame. I quilted the living daylights out of it and had a few disasters there {quite another story} and it was finished in time for the Roma Show.

I still don't like it and as only my 2nd attempt at using the quilting frame I learnt a few valuable lessons.

I think the quilt still needs something, just not sure what. I will have to create some embellishments. It is quite a large quilt, so could be useful, I just need to like it.
I shall name you "Converged Crossroads".

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