Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a UFO has been repurposed

After 6 or 8 years my Log Cabin quilt has been re-purposed.
This quilt was made with great intentions and I loved the 6 individual blocks, but as a project from my beginner days, the seams did not sit properly, the blocks were not square and some of the seams did not even catch.

However I loved it, so this weekend I turned 2 of the squares into cushion covers for the big continental pillows.
They look fabulous on my lounge, but they are not for me, they are off to Emerald to live with friends there.
After taking the photo, I realised the rooster needed an eye and some straw around his feet, so I have stitched those, but didn't photograph them.
So this project has been progress on UFO and a completed OPAM.

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