Monday, January 31, 2011

A free online magazine to read

For those of you who love a good read, you have to go and check out this FREE Australian online Quilt magazine.  It is full of different articles and information suitable for both the beginner and the expert and it is in PDF format so you can save the issue to your computer if you so wish.
The girls at Online Quilt Magazine have a personal wish to see 50 000 subscribers.  Pop over and register to receive this magazine.  You won't be disappointed (how can you when it is free) but if you are, then you can unregister at any time.

Oh I thought you should know, I am in no way affiliated with the magazine other than I enjoy reading it and it is where those cute Christmas tree decorations came from last year.  Enjoy

(Some fabric yummy-ness for you to enjoy)

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  1. Rachel and I were just checking out your blog and R wanted to leave you a comment so......"Hi"
    Rachel and Gayle


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