Sunday, March 13, 2011

A scrapping challenge

As you may be aware I am  NOT  a scrapbooker.  In a past life I did stamping & card making, but I don't consider myself to be a Scrapbooker.

However my friends Gayle & Brooke from Scrap 4 Fun issued a challenge to make 4 greeting cards from a range of 4 double sided scrapping papers. { LUXE Cocktail dress series included papers called "Martini:, "Manhattan", "Cosmopolitan" & "Mojito" they were all designs in olive green, red, black & white. (I didn't think to photograph them before I started.  Maybe Gayle will pop the photos onto Scrap 4 fun}

So I set to work with the most out there design of the lot. And created "Be Unique"

Then a lot of fiddling and deliberating resulted in "Believe"
While the prettiest fabric paper of the lot resulted in "Leave a trail"
And then because the cocktail theme of the pages would not leave my head I created "Birthday Cocktail?"
(Shame about the shiny flashback)
So all in all, it was a bit of fun & yes it was a challenge.  Hubby is glad I don't scrap all the time as our table is covered in tiny bits of paper.
Thanks Gayle & Brooke it was only fair I take your challenge after trying to convert Gayle to a patchworker.

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  1. I love your cards Debra and thanks for taking the challenge.


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