Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Creative Children

This adorably cute little man is E my youngest.
E and his grade 2 class have just finished learning to blanket stitch.
They all stitched a heart for a quilt for their Teacher's wedding.
 Miss Maybury had no idea what they were up to.  We had worked in lunch hours over the last 3 weeks.
 She was stunned
 and surprised, and happy.
 Group Hug.

I am so super proud of the kids.  They all worked really hard and they seemed to enjoy themselves.  Now it is back to my sewing for my deadline.


  1. What a beautiful expression of love from the children! They will remember this experience for the rest of their lives. The teacher will too!

  2. Love the heart quilt by the children. Did you put wonder under the heart to their squares or did you use a glue stick? I would love to do this with a school group.

  3. Well done and I love the pattern with the hearts!

  4. How lovely is this project.i used to teach a few years back.Kids love Craft Classes.Great kids to give up their lunch hours! good on you for doing it.

  5. did we make an error ...are you in in your words blog hop...I did not see anybuttons or post..let us know if we did in fact add you my mistake..thanks

  6. Love the harts, but I miss your Words?
    regards Ingrid

  7. You did well, kudos to you, the quilt is so so lovely.


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