Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back and Creating

My last post mentioned something about blog changing etc, etc.     Well............. that is happening............ somewhere in the background. 

Time is my obstacle and I think I will be enlisting the help of a computer literate friend.

However the reason time has been my obstacle is I have been sewing!!!!!

I managed to find my quilting frame & quilt something or two AND I have a deadline.
 O-me and I have been spending quite a bit of time together recently.

(This is far from the most flattering photo, but it shows I am quilting.  I must admit I am enjoying it.
This was the 1st quilt off the block.  I was a little unsteady at this point. (Photo courtesy of Mr 9))

 Now that deadline I mentioned. 
 I am one of the 2 Co-ordinators of our Quilt Show. 
 I think it is important I actually have quilts.

So where to begin.

"The Toy Box"
The first quilt on the frame. This quilt top was made by Bev Dingwall from patchwork & I was to quilt & bind.  It has been in my house for almost 12 months, but got packed and didn't resurface until recently.  So glad I found it.  I was feeling a bit guilty that it wasn't done.  It will be added to the club "Care Quilt" collection to be given to someone in need.

"Send in the Clowns"
 was also made as a Care Quilt for the Roma Patchwork Club collection.  I pieced this one from a curtain off-cut found in the club fabrics.  Those clowns were just so cute.
 when paired with left over rainbow spot fabrics it is so happy.  The spots were from a quilt we made for a school teacher.  I also quilted this on O-me.
I must say it is nice to get some finishes.  Nice to get back into quilting and really nice to finally be able to give these quilts away (after the quilt show that is ).

Be back again soon.  I have finished 5 things in March.

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