Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Challenge Reveal

Well after a long wait (sorry about that) I can reveal my whole challenge quilt & the winners of the challenge.
As much as I had to have my quilt finished by the 14th March, the quilt show was only held over the Easter weekend, so I couldn't reveal anything until after then.
The last week since Easter has been a little busy, but I have had time to sort through the photos now.
Now a reminder - the challenge criteria.
my sneak peak (sorry, but I couldn't give too much away)
My finished quilt
There are 30 pieces of fabric in the background to represent the different projects we start. Some are quick to make & others take much longer, sometimes one comes along to send us off on a diffferent path.
The hands represent the club  nurturing and supporting. 
There are 30 words quilted into the background, they represent what craft gives us and means to me.

The 30 buttons represent the tools of our trade and fruits of our labours. The question mark represents the unknown of what will come next.

 I am very proud of my little quilt and look forward to hanging it in my sewing room.

Now, the challenge was judged and the winners chosen.
Here they are: - 

First by Sue Pukallus
 Second by Gayle Steinohrt
  Third by Merryl Sheppard
  Highly Commended by Cecily Hamilton
Highly Commended by Debra Schefe
Highly Commended by Tracey Regan

There were 11 entries for the challenge and the ladies all enjoyed being 'pushed' outside their boundaries.

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