Sunday, August 31, 2014

August OPAM

Well another month has flown by.
This month saw our family on the road for a couple of weeks  due to family commitments and school commitments for our boys. 
I am obviously motivated by a tight deadline, as I have been very productive this month.

First up an Aussie Hero Quilt
 This guy said he liked blue, Australia, music & current affairs.
Close up of the Australian town name fabric.
 The music notes appliqued onto the quilt.
 The laundry bag.  This man is deployed on HMAS Toowoomba and they are on pirate patrol, so the boys decided pirates would be good for the laundry bag.

I spent quite a bit of time sewing in the car, fixing teddy, amending business cards

 a set of chook key fobs for my market stall.
 a great take along cushion
and another overnight bag featuring on of my all time favourite photos by Bindi Taneal Photography.

So for a month when I thought I was doing nothing I managed to finish
5 key fobs
1 cushion
1 quilt
1 laundry bag
1 overnight bag

Hope to be back posting again soon.


  1. WOW...totally awesome tally, gorgeous finishes....

  2. very busy month.... such a lot of thought into making the quilt and lovely bags and fobs.... you do fit a lot in to the time you have...

  3. I think you did well for a busy month............


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