Sunday, October 11, 2015

A wedding Gift

The beginning of October saw my family attending the wedding of Bindi & Anthony.

I have been in discussions with the bride & groom in the months leading up to the wedding to find out if they wanted a quilt & if so, what should it look like.
After many text messages & phone calls the bride finally decided & gave me 2 weeks to get it made. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

After much deliberation they decided the quilt could be teal, grey, light coffee brown.

I got to work, cutting, piecing & appliqueing

 A finished monogram
 Quilt top
 Pieced backing
 Now onto the frame.
 An all over stipple
 It was at this point, that I had a panic attack thinking I had loaded it onto the machine incorrectly as I had forgotten the quilt had a matching backing.   Momentary panic attack.  It is very pretty when the front & back match so well.
 Ahh relief. The last quilting stitch.
 The completed quilt
 The label  & bow ready for delivery.
(sorry about upside down)
 And now for the gift opening.  I love it when the bloke notices the small details -  the fabric right beside the label says "PS I love you".
 I think they like it.

Now some quilt stats. 
This quilt was made ENTIRELY from my fabric/ wadding stash.
84" square for a queen bed

It took approx 15m fabric.
It took somewhere between 20-25 hours to sew.

I work well under pressure, so the 2 weeks before the wedding worked in my favour.

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