Monday, January 30, 2017

UFO finished.

We all have UFOs. Some are because we lost the pattern, or ran out of fabric, or fell out of love with the project or we just couldn't work out how to finish it. Well this project was the latter. I couldn't work out how to finish my pillow cases, so they've sat for at least 2 years.

When APQ released  the 2017 UFO challenge these became my January project.  So proud to say they are finished ... not perfect, just finished.

I'm sure I had many plans for these but I decided to hem them and be done. 

Maybe not as pretty as they could have been but now they'll get used.

So that's a second OPAM for January and one item off the list.

Catch you again soon.


  1. Hon Debra,I think your pillow case look awesome,well done with your finish.

  2. they are very pretty..... funny how we can forget what we were doing?


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