Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gone to Injune to "get Drunk"

Before you panic, we didn't got to get drunk, we went to do "Drunkards path" quilting that is. I joined the Injune Creek Patchworkers again on the weekend for a workshop with Julie Latcham of Cow Paddocks Patchwork . It was 2 days of fun, frivolity & sewing (yes and a few drinkies).

This workshop used curved templates and was a design that could be laid out in a variety of ways. This blue/yellow fabrics in the next 3 photos is my quilt. Which layout do you think I should have made?

Apple Pies??

Gentle Vines or ropes??

Crop Circles??

I have made my choice & I am in the process of finishing the quilt, so you won't know until I am done, but I would be interested to hear some comments in the comments section.

This is what some of the other ladies came up with - (not everyone did the drunk path which is why some are not even slightly curvy)

Fiona's yummy floral flannel

Janice's quilt as you go stack & slash

Faye's ANZAC ideals quilt (you can't see it but all the fabrics are Australian or New Zealand designs)
Sue M's bold & striking crop circles

Pam's truly drunk path

Pat's opera house roof

Sue P's "I'm fixing the high school home economics disaster"

Wendy's curves

Aren't all the quilts just Divine. So many possibilities from one simple little block. Ahhh, I love patchwork.


  1. Hello Deb, I have just had a wonderful time reading all your previous blog's..... Love your pics and stories... Will be staying in touch with it.
    As to your new quilt..... Well I like the "Ropes" best.....

  2. Deb, those quilts are beautiful!! So many variations - quilting holds so many surprises doesn't it!?
    The link to the patterns at FH has been taken down while the patterns are repackaged through Creative Abundance (who will be their distributor). As soon as the pattern is available for purchase I'll let everyone know through my blog. :-)


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