Monday, August 16, 2010

Borders & Busy-ness

Well, life in Roma is kicking along & my deadlines are looming for the upcoming "Showing of The Quilts".
The quilt show of Roma patchwork & Crafters Inc.

I am really excited about the show it is shaping up to be a nice display & we are trying a few different things to expand the display & the number of people to come through the door. That is why my mum & I were stitching quilt blocks onto a bright blue cover for my car. (Note - if you are ever somewhere that is cold, these are surprisingly warm - probably because they are some sort of plastic.)

The quilt blocks that I was using were 'orphan' blocks from my stash. You know the one block you make to learn a new technique or the beginning of the sampler quilt that you will never finish.

Anyway, while I was digging out 'orphans' I found a cross stitch that I did when I was about 12 (we think). It was for my Grandmother who has since passed away, but I thought I'd wash it & see if it had any life in it. And it did.

It came up beautifully clean & showing off all my bad stitching & carried threads, so I took it to a friend in town who whipped up a frame for it & I gave it to mum. I couldn't tell if she was impressed or not, I think stunned would be the best phrase. I am excited as this means that I have finished the oldest UFO in my cupboard. YEAH

And now for further progress on my 'Drunk Path' quilt. I chose to sew my centre into ropes or vines & then had to decide on how to lay out my border.

Option one - 1/2 Hexagons

Option 2 - Braid

What do you think. I will post the result of my decision shortly.


  1. I like the Braid boarder!!!! Don't like the hexagon one....
    Looking forward to Roma's quilt show. See you there if not before.....

  2. I was surprised to receive the oldest UFO in the cupboard, but the Orphan cross-stitch now hangs in my house for all to see.Nanna would have loved it too.


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