Monday, February 14, 2011

A little Valentine Love

Well as many people are aware & obsessed about, today is Valentine's Day.  
Now we don't normally do Valentine's Day in my house as we object to the commercialism, but in saying that, it is good to be reminded to tell our loved ones that we love them.

Now before I progress any further what does PS I love you mean?? 
Any ideas??
Now officially  "PS means 'post script' which is an addition or after thought from the person writing or leaving you a message. It obvious they still love you."

In Our house it means  "Beloved Husband, I love you."  
(His initials are PS, so he has always considered this a personal message to him)

Inspired by this vinyl cling I saw at Say it on the Wall

I had my lovely friend Emma create a cling for our house.  Here is "PS I love you"  Emma style.

if you look really closely at the picture & squint you can see our engagement photo in the background.

So inspired by all this love I created a cushion for my PS.
 Tiny red roses.....
a red butterfly ......
PS I love you.
(more than you will ever know)

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