Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Blog Book

In the mail this week arrived a super personalised book for Me.

The Blog of ........ Outback Crafter 2010
 That's right, I had my blog converted into a hard cover blogbook at The Cutest Blog on the Block 

The book is fantastic and reasonably priced. This hardcover shipped from the states was about $50 AUS.  The price of course varies depending on how many pages and if you want hardcover or softcover. 

I am so impressed with the book.  I chose to keep my layout meaning the words & pictures appear in the order shown on the blog but you can ask it to print more economically  & it puts in all the words and then all the pictures.  If you pop over to the website at Blog2Print you can trial it.   The program will convert the blog to book for you to proof prior to making any financial commitment.

I am not being paid for this information, I jut think it is a great idea as now my blog that was mapping my artistic progress is in 'hardcover' and I can keep it forever.  It is great to look back at last year to see how constructive I really was.

I found the link for Blog2Print on The Cutest Blog on the Block the people who designed the cute background & tags on this blog.  (Unfortunately those features do not print in the book, but I can live with that).
Go on all you blog people, go & try it.

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