Monday, May 16, 2011

Almost a finish...

I am so excited, this morning I finished the top of my "Christmas Wishes" quilt.  ( Well that is it's name today).

I first blogged about this quilt in December 2010 when I was stumped on borders. Well on the weekend I decided that enough was enough and I whacked some borders on.  And I love it.

It is an almost finish as I have called the quilter and it is booked in, I just have to collect my backing and send it on its way.

I love how the fabric (Frosted memories, by Holly Taylor for Moda) and the stitcheries from Heart of Gold Creations just work together.  I really love how Australian it is.. The colours are eucalyptus green, rather than pine tree green so it as a nice Aussie feel.  {Ironic really considering the fabric designer was designing for a "Frosted Christmas"}.      
I love how the blocks went together.  

I am proud of myself for designing this one.   Not an OPAM yet, as it is not a quilt until it is quilted, but by the end of June, she will be done.


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