Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gotta Love a Deadline....

Or maybe you don't.

But I need deadlines to get things done.  My house only gets cleaned if we have visitors, I am much more motivated to finish a quilt if it is needed for an event (eg Birthday present, wedding, show entry).

This is the case with this bag.  You may recall my button tree bag from Christmas last year, well the green bag sufficed for the season, but it wasn't going to have any longevity.
So this is where the deadline comes in.  Entries for Roma Show are due tomorrow, why not fix the bag to enter into the show.

Meet "Button Tree Bag, grown up and sophisticated".

 It even has a little "stuff" pocket.  For me this usually means the mobile phone and keys.

I like it.  It is a shame however that I can't use it until Christmas.


  1. It looks great Deb!!..must arrange some sewing lessons if you would ever like to do that? Maybe I could trade sewing lessons for baked goodies lol Still haven't touched the machine since I threaded it :(.

  2. Well well well CONGRATULATIONS Debra.... Saw your entries in the Roma Show. GRAND CHAMPION....
    Way to go...What a wonderful Award to win for your Creative Sewing... You are simply amazing...Such perfect sewing, perfect points...Overall, what can I say but Well done...So very Happy for you...


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