Monday, November 7, 2011

Props and Shaggy Photo Quilts

In my post yesterday I mentioned that my Hubby was making some props for me for the craft fair.
Here he is 'playing' with the old garden stakes
to create some rustic stands for me
that are perfect for holding my blackboards.  Thanks P they are perfect.
While P was making stands, I was finishing 2 Shaggy Photo Quilts featuring the photos of Bindi Taneal PhotographyBindi is the lovely lady I am exhibiting with when I go to Emerald.  I think our work will really complement each other.  She has some great canvas images, calendars & cards to sell.

Now for the Shaggy Photo Quilts.


and a close up of the photo block

 This one was really out of my colour comfort zone, but I love it.  I think it still shows off the lovely photos but is fresh.
 and another close up.

So these can go in the pile ready for Craft Fair and I have to get back to the grindstone (after home work and looking after a sick boy).

1 comment:

  1. Well done P. If they are not straight (which I know they will be) then just chock them with a wedge.
    The Mother-in-law.

    The supplies for the Fair look GREAT, D.You have been working hard.


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