Friday, March 9, 2012

"A Woman's Escape through... Patches and Threads"

Is on now in Injune, Queensland.  
This exhibit is a collection of works by members of Roma Patchwork & Crafters Inc.

This photo was at the very beginning of set-up.  Jill & Maibry are down the back corner hanging the quilt.
 And the finished result.
A close up of a few exhibits.  
Bev's Butterfly Garden - hand dyed fabrics with beaded butterflies stitched onto the  blocks,
Gayle's Patches in paper gift cards & Pauline's Bucket Bags.
 Our raffle quilt.  The proceeds from this raffle will be donated to Roma SES.  Raffle drawn at the Roma Show on 12 May.
 Another corner of the gallery.
 And some more
all the works on the table were made using the same ruler/technique.  Very different.
that big 'swoopy' quilt is a Bargello
looking from the back door to the front corner.
"A woman's escape"  to her chair with her stitching, a cuppa and some magazines.

A stunning Mariner's compass and traditional hexagon quilt.

 and just other shots for your enjoyment (ok, for my enjoyment)


 The exhibit came together really well.  I hope it has lots of visitors who enjoy it too.


  1. Good luck for your exhibition - it all looks great - wish I was closer and could get up there to see it!

  2. We enjoy looking all did a great job!!


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