Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Care Quilt Collection is growing

Yesterday at Roma Patchwork a few more care quilts were added to the Care Quilt Pile to be donated to our local Neighbourhood Centre to distribute to people in need in our community.  After the flood in February (about 6 weeks ago) the number of families in need has increased greatly.

This striking stripy quilt makes me think of "in the Navy"
 And this colourful fish quilt was made by one of our most experienced members, Bev, who quilts prolifically.  It is so colourful.  I am sure a child will love it.
 And this is the beginnings of another kids quilt that I dug out of the donated fabrics yesterday.  
The clown material was from a curtain fabric and I love the happy orange blocks.
If you feel the need to sew.  We will never turn down extra quilts for the cause.
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  1. Great quilts and a great idea to have a pile of quilts available for when the need arises. What a lovely bunch of ladies you are up that a way!

  2. Fantastic quilts and a worthy cause.

  3. Debra,
    That is quite a list of completed OPAM projects for March. I'm impressed. Also, I like the Care Quilt Pile idea. The fish quilt is really cute.

  4. Debra,
    I'm so impressed with your March OPAM finishes. Love the Care Quilt Pile idea (the fish quilt is really cute). And, O-Me, wow. Are you liking the long arm?


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