Saturday, April 7, 2012

Robyn Ginn - Scattered Tiles

Sorry for the bloggy hiatus.  Life just got in the way - and you cannot sew and blog at the same time.

A couple of weekends ago I attended a workshop here in Roma with the wonderful Robyn Ginn of Toowoomba as our tutor.  (In this photo Robyn is 6th from left.)  
 Thanks to the Western Star, Roma for the photo.
We were doing Robyn's "Scattered Tiles"  Workshop to learn Robyn's style of HAND applique.  I was a little unsure about the hand applique but I LOVED it.

Below are some befores  of our fabrics.
My "Autumn Daisies" fabrics
 Sue's "Olive Flowers"
 Maibry's "Geometric Flowers "
 Bev's "op shop" flowers
 Now one of the benefits of a hand sewing workshop is the time you have to chat to the other ladies.  With no sewing machine noise, it is very easy to chat and sew.  (Yes that is the back of my head, someone else had my camera.)  Note the quilts on the walls - they are all Robyn's samples.
 This quilt of Robyn's was my inspiration - I love the simplicity and colours.
  Here Robyn was telling us some of her quilting stories, she is a great story teller and we could have listened to stories for hours (particularly as we were hand sewing)
 And the ladies watch on as Robyn demonstrates the finer points of some of the stitches.
 Now for some progress photos.  This is Sue's "Olive Flowers" beginning to take shape.
 Sandra's "Well it was all I had" flowers - I think they are very striking.
 Bev's wonderful "Op Shop Flowers".  I find Bev's work so inspiring.  Her 'artist' eye definitely helps find her way in her quilts.
 Maibry's "Geometric flowers" certainly are pretty against her white background.  I can't wait to see more embroidery.
 And my "Autumn" Daisies in a few layouts, ready to be sewn on while at swimming lessons, doctors appointments, waiting in the car, P&C meetings etc.
 And from a different angle.
 This next photo is related to the workshop but not directly.  My friend Colleen (of no blog - YET) sells fabric.  We had suggested she bring her fabrics in case she could help someone with 'just the right fabric'.  Well early Sunday morning, this is the sight that greeted us in the CAR PARK!!
 Yes Colleen selling her fabrics off the footpath and the boot of her car to very willing customers.  At least they had good light to match colours in.  It was so funny, it reminded me of a street hawker selling their wares, but the ladies snapped up her wonderful bargains.

So all in all in was a FANTASTIC weekend.  
I learnt new skills.
I met new friends.
I caught up with 'old' friends.
I started another quilt that shouldn't become a UFO and most importantly

Thanks for joining me ladies at the workshop. Thanks for travelling out to teach us Robyn.


  1. hi Debra, your autumn flowers quilt is increadible. I look forward to seeing this one, such a beauty.

  2. Hey Debra! Isn't Robyn FABULOUS!! :0) She's a friend of GB's Mum, has taught me a lot about quilting and embroidery over the years AND took many of our wedding photos for us! :0) I love to listen to her quilt tales ... as her book title says every quilt has a story. Will look forward to seieng your autumn daisies finished - Bear Hugs! KRIS


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