Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Christmas Finish

I have another finished project for this year.

This is my Christmas Table Cloth.
This cloth belonged to my Paternal Grandmother.  It was always on the 'big table' at Christmas dinner.  By the time I was old enough to graduate to the BIG table, we were all at the big table so I don't know if I ever got to 'sit at the cloth'.

Any how about 10 years ago Nanna was cleaning  out and decided I could have the cloth as I am a Christmas tragic.  I decided that I needed a tradition for my family, thus started the cloth signing.

  Every year that I host Christmas , I have the guests sign the cloth, I then embroider over the signatures.
 I love seeing how much my kids have grown buy looking at their writing.  In the photo above Edward is 4 (yes it looks like Edmond) and below he is 7.

 I love that as the years go by the signatures will increase and change. Maybe one day my Grandchildren will sign this cloth, who knows?
So the signatures from 2012 Christmas are done and the cloth will go away until the next time I host Christmas, maybe 2013 maybe 2015???

Do you have any Christmas traditions in your house?

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  1. That is a lovely idea. My tradition is/was that I made large stocking for my children and each year I added a new Christmas button. UP to the age of 21 - they were filled with presents (From Santa!!??) now I just add a new button - even though DD#1 is married and has left home


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