Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Aussie Hero Finish

Last time I posted, I mentioned making progress on this quilt...
 Well it became a top, it waited for a backing fabric to arrive, and then it waited for my MOJO to come back.  However on Sunday, I sucked it up an popped the quilt onto O-me
It is now FINISHED and has been sent to it's recipient on board HMAS Toowoomba 

If you click on the picture you may be able to see the quilting  in the white rows it says:

Thank you
Thank you
 The fabrics are denim off cuts, a nautical theme print, a white with tiny red spots, an Australian Flag tea towel and red sashings.

The backing for this quilt took me quite out of my comfort zone.  Jan-Maree the wonderful organiser of Aussie Hero Quilts asked if I would mind backing it in this donated fabric as the guy it was for loves cartoons.  I must admit however that Sponge bob Square pants is one of my least favourite cartoons, so this backing was a challenge for me.
 I could argue that Sponge Bob and his pink friend rocked the boat so much that they made it crooked,but I think that was me.  Oh well.  I'm sure he will love it anyway and it is sort of funny (the phrase is appropriate for a ship)

Travel quickly quilt and may you bring enjoyment to the sailor you were made for.


  1. Love the quilt, I love how the cartoon is rather Nautical too. Gayle

  2. Love love love your Aussie Hero Quilts. Such a great cause.


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