Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February???? Hello has anyone seen February???

Is it just me or did someone lose February??

I am sure I have only just mastered writing dates like 04/02/13 - how can it be that I am now writing 04/03/13??

I was constructive in Feb ( I think) unfortunately most of what I did is still unfinished.
Let's have a look.

This is the Lucy's Crab Shack Layer cake quilt with extra length, now waiting for quilting, it is destined to be a care quilt.
 This is my February front wreath decor.  A tribute to Valentines, Day but focused on the greater things of faith, hope and love. ( Um mm just realised I am now in March, might have to change it again.)
 A wonderful parcel I received as a prize.
 This came from the lovely Sharon of Lilabelle Lane  I was so excited.  Sharon had hosted a giveaway for a Pattern from Thimble Blossoms.  The lovely Camille  has a blog entitled "Simplify" and she designs amazing patterns, so that was all the motivation I needed to enter the giveaway.  Sharon asked us which Thimble Blossoms pattern we would like if we won,  my answer was "I can't decide, so when I win, surprise me".
He, he, he...... Like I expected the email saying I had won. Yahoo.  I was super excited.  So Sharon did surprise me.
The chosen pattern is "Round and round". Included in the parcel were  2 adorable pincushions made by Sharon herself.  That turtle is made from tiny tiny hexagons that are stitched by hand. Way too cute to put pins in.  E (my almost 8 year old) keeps stealing the turtle as he has a thing for animals.

There is also a baby charm pack. The squares are only 2.5".  Adorable hey??
Thank you so much Sharon.  I am touched.

Now onto other progress.
This quilt has 'come out of ' the scraps in the patchwork room.  I am seeing boy care quilt.
 And I finally managed to stitch faces onto E's kangaroos.  I am relieved they are done and E is glad they are finished. They do look cuter with faces.
Well that is one OPAM for Feburary, a bit of progress and one happy prize winning me.


  1. when you find February can you send it back this way too please...........you've been busy........

  2. Great post....have no idea at all where Feb went..love your finishes..

  3. I'm not too impressed with Feb disappearing and now it looks like March is too... just love your roos....


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