Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Aussie Hero Quilts

Well another week has passed and another quilt or two has been completed.
This quirky quilt is being sent to a man named Nicholas.
The pinwheel blocks were made by sewers from all over Australia and sent in as a 'block of the month'.  They have some crazy fabrics in them..
The bunting has some wonderful cartoon Aussie Animals and flowers.
 Great Aussie cars on maps.
 Aussie Flags and kangaroos.
 Quirky Christmas Emus. (Who wouldn't want emus on their quilt and Christmas does come around every year)

 This second quilt is for a man named Nathan.  It is also quirky and different.

Australian City/ town names
 Christmas cockatoos (for the same reason as Christmas Emus above)
 Cricket (as it is the summer sport season )
 Gum leaves
 Green pinwheel blocks made by sewers from all over Australia.
 Bright Aussie wild flowers.
 and some blokey cogs.

These quilts were posted today and will hopefully be at their new owners in about a month.

2 OPAMs done for February.  Now to see what else in in the sewing room.

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