Saturday, February 28, 2015


As you are probably aware this year is the 100 year commemoration of the "Legend of ANZAC".

My town, Roma, is making a 5000 poppies exhibit like many other towns in Australia.  The original story behind 5000 poppies can be found here.  Now I am not exactly certain what the plan is for our town, but I did manage to get a  9 poppies made at craft on Tuesday night. (I think I spent a lot of time chatting and helping others.)

a posy of 9 poppies
 and from a different angle
 and with a cool photo editing feature on my phone.
Well that is another OPAM (or 9) for Feb.  I hope I can start March on a good creative note.


  1. Lovely work Debra, and there is always time for talk!

  2. the poppies look great..........I hope you share a pic from Anzac day of the display........

  3. What lovely poppies... its' always fun using photo editing eh?


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