Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March saw more poppies

 A little back tracking here.
We go back to March.

I made another dozen poppies for the Roma Anzac display
 And worked on an exceptionally special Aussie Hero Quilt.
 This quilt was made from poppies donated by sewers from across Australia.  Each poppy unique and special.  Each poppy full of love.
 This quilt was made to be a fallen warrior quilt.  On Anzac day it was to be presented to the family of a fallen soldier.  I do not know the family or the soldier's name.  I just answered a request to sew a poppy quilt.
 It was probably the hardest quilt I have ever had to sew.  Not technically hard, not design hard, but emotionally.  It is had to think that the soldier will never see it.  His family did not know it was coming and that could be a shock.  I do not know if the soldier was killed recently or if he was killed  years ago.  It is not my place to know.
I do know that I hope we will not have the need for many more fallen warrior quilts.  I pray our service personnel are able to do their jobs without loss of life.
 Lest we forget.  
Thank you for your service.

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  1. It's beautiful and will undoubtedly be cherished by the family x


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