Thursday, June 4, 2015

I have Super kids... really

As crafters, you all know the feeling.... "Mum, its (insert event here) tomorrow and I need a costume"
A feeling of dread overcomes you.  You are the Mum who makes stuff.... your child is the one in the handmade outfit.... you've had a migraine all day....the kids give you the big puppy eyes "PLEEEEASE".

That was me a couple of weeks ago on the eve of the school Cross Country.
I had been flat on my back with a migraine for the greater part of the day, I just wanted to curl up in a dark hole.
My response to the eldest son (12) was "I will make capes but you have to  help."
Why did I suggest this when feeling unwell????

I set him up on the over locker to edge the green rectangles - one of them is no longer rectangular and the other had an artistic hole in the middle.

enter the vsleiofix, pinking shears and fabric offcuts to mend the hole.

Applique on some giant letters and we have.....
Arcadia Capes.

 and masks
The Arcadia Avengers are ready to head off to school.
 The capes even flutter in the breeze when scootering.

 By all accounts they had a good day.  The capes & masks did not enhance their performance, but they looked good doing it.

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