Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It is Show Time

May is show month here in Roma.

I had a few items to enter and decided at the last minute to make a 'novelty pincushion'.

Bee flower was the result.  I chopped up the base of an enviro shopper to make sure the pins don't stab me in the wrist - it is inserted in the base of the flower under the felt.

 Bee hive fabric with a cute beehive button.

 adjustable elastic with a cute bee button to keep it on my wrist.

It does it's job and I don't get stabbed.

The entries at our show were a little light on this year but there were some lovely exhibits.

 Hubby entered a leather belt and pocket knife holder

 My pincushion and the other two in the pincushion section.  I came 2nd.

 Some of the lovely exhibits.

 These 2 quilts were made by my UFO craft group. 
They placed 1st (left) and 2nd (right) n the collaborative quilt section.

 My pinwheel quilt came 1st in the 'quilt' category.
Second was this beautiful bright scrappy quilt by my friend Gayle.  

The boys entered some woodwork

and some LEGO.

This amazing cross stitch of a photograph won the Grand Champion handicraft exhibit.  I have no idea how many stitches it was, but it was stunning.
We entered photos

 and a scarecrow (middle one)

checked out the school display

 and rode the bumper cars.

All in all, a good show.

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