Thursday, April 14, 2016

January 2016 - holidays & sewing?

January, the craziest & nicest month of the year.

It is school holidays.  It is summer. It is visiting family & getting ready to go back to school.  It is relaxing and busy at the same time.

This year saw us take in a few cultural treats.  "Lis Miserables" at the Lyric Theatre. We all went but this photo just shows hubby & I. 

Then off the Great Moscow Circus. Great Fun
 We took the boys to Mt Cootha to be 'tourist in our own city'.  It did nto disappoint. The weather was spectactular and the icecreams yummy.
 We tripped into the city to visit City Hall & do a tour of the clock tower.  Awesome.  We visited the Museum of Brisbane (inside City Hall) and I was fascinated by this original window (a quilt design prehaps)
 a view of the detail on the buildings in the Queen street mall as visible from City Hall Clock Tower
 The beautiful clock face from behind
 ornate ceilings.  (I love this).  It really would be an amzing quilt.
 The original tiled floors. The family just kept walking, I was too embarassing as I was photographing the floor.
 and maybe some more tiles.
 even the conceptual plans for city hall are inspiring
 Yep, more of that ceiling
 The magnificent clock tower from outside.
 We literally spent a day exploring this icon of our city and the best bit IT WAS ALL FREE.  Yep, you can tour City Hall, the Clock tower & visit the museum of Brisbane for FREE.  The exhbitis in the museum change regularly, so you can always pop back.  The boys are looking forward to our next trip to go up the tower again.   Visit the website & check it out.   Museum of Brisbane    
A great visit for Locals & tourists alike.

We came home from holidays & it was time to head back to reality. Thankfully I had a few friends to catch up with & this Christmas present was waiting for  me.  :)  Love it Liz.

Australia Day
 Drives in the country
 and FINALLY some sewing.  Yep this is a miniature (about 10cm square) version of the raffle quilt we made for our upcoming quilt show.  Yes it is a quilt, it has 3 layers joined together with stitches.  NOOO it is not pieced (it is a photograph printed onto fabric, then 'quilted').
 and I started to tidy my sewing room but got distracted by my pretty bias binding.  Maybe I might have a bit too much ??.

I promise more 'real' sewing happened in February.

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