Saturday, April 9, 2016

November 2015 Sewing

November was a month of deadline motivated sewing (surprise surprise) and guiding others in their sewing quests

This awesome quilt was pieced by Gayle from some Aussie Hero BOM blocks to be sent to a Pittsburg Steelers Fan.

Close up of Logo
 The 'football' laundry bag.
 This Aussie Hero Quilt was a joint effort between myself and Emily.
(An OPAM for November)

A Horse theme laundry bag
 The Truely Aussie Front featuring a map teatowel pieced by Emily
 The horse themed back
 The close up of the horse panel.  It says "The Family Bond.   Like the herd that grazes in the pasture, they are protected and secure by the unity that holds them together, so too is the bond of the family".

We thought it was fitting for someone deployed away from their family.
 The massive sewing event of my November was a sewing bee with the ladies from patchwork to make our raffle quilt for "Showing of the Quilts" to be held at Easter 2016.

This is Gayle stitching intently...
 1/2 of the quilt blocks - not joined - this quarter log cabin was easy and hard at the same time.
I think I was supposed to be making Christmas present at this time too, but I  am fairly sure that didn't happen.

See you again soon.

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