Monday, June 6, 2011

A finish (yeah about time)

I am so excited, I have finished something.
Back in February Kathy & Jeff Adams of KoolKat Quilting, Highfields (near Toowoomba) came to visit our patchwork group in Roma and show off the Accuquilt cutting system.
We had a wonderful day & I cut lots of my stash into strips, tumbler blocks and these lovely applique motifs.

 I ummed and ahhed about how to arrange the blocks and then they just got put aside.

The black fabric I had cut the applique from has a lovely shimmer to it and looks great on the damask cloth I chose.  So I finally stopped procrastinating, ironed the applique on and sewed. 

Well I sewed, unpicked, got cranky at my sewing machine and stitched some more.  But it is now finished.  A damask cloth with "arabesque" applique.

 The little swirls are in the corners of the cloth, you can see one below.
And it doesn't look too bad with my flowers on it either.
Now we just need to find a home for the cloth, as I would use a table cloth about once a year on Christmas Day. (And that is a specific Christmas cloth).

So mark this one up as a finish and one to add to the OPAM list.

Oh, yeah I just remembered the damask cloth came from a massive box I picked up at the markets. I have visions of dyeing and using them for backings etc.

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