Monday, June 13, 2011

A Regional Gallery Honour

Our Regional Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit titled

"Artisans in the Gallery" featuring works from the Studios of Roma Community Arts Centre. 

This is the first exhibit featuring the artisans based in the centre and we are very excited as they are recognising our work as 'valuable' and important enough to exhibit.  The gallery usually feature artists from major cities or with existing reputations for their work.

As an artisan (flash title hey?) who works in the Centre I was permitted to exhibit some works as part of the Patchwork & Crafters representation.  Two of my pieces are hanging in the gallery.

"Ted's Ties" is on the right in this photograph
 and "Images of Australia" is the large quilt on the right in this photo.
I know they are not close ups of my quilts, but I expect they have been seen elsewhere on my blog.  I am so impressed with the exhibit as a whole it includes: - pottery, silversmithing; ceramics; patchwork; lace making; porcelain dolls; performing arts & teddy bears.

The official opening is this Friday night 5.30pm at Roma on Bungil Gallery, Roma Community Arts Centre, Hawthorne Street, Roma.  I would be stoked if you wanted to come along.


  1. If I lived further south I would definitely come, Debra. It looks such a wonderful exhibit, and congratulations on your beautiful quilts being shown!


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