Thursday, July 21, 2011

Artisans in the Gallery is Finished

My apologies it has taken so long to get this post online.   The wonderful Artisans in the Gallery exhibit has come to an end with rave reviews and some very pleased exhibitors. (Myself included).  The photos in this post came from opening night.

My lovely family.
Some of the beautiful pieces on display.
 Cecily & Gloria discussing Gloria's elephant plate in the cabinet.
 The crowd listening attentively to the opening.
 The cast of the Roma Performing Arts production "Grease" presented a few excerpts for our enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone who came to look at the exhibit.  We feel blessed to have had to opportunity to exhibit in Roma on Bungil Gallery and we look forward to the next exhibit.

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  1. Debra, is there a chance you can email me to let me know ahead ofntime when somethings a buzz in Roma, the quilt show, thenArtisan in Gallery exhibitions interest me a lot. My email is I live North Qld but could make a weekend trip to visit and enjoy, Im a quilter too
    What a great blog you have too


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