Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthdays for Crafty Friends

Now I don't know about you, but as a crafter I find myself wanting to give my crafty friends either something handmade, or something that will help with their craft.

The gifts I made this month do both.
For Cindy (a scrapbooker & jigsaw lover) a mug with ribbon flowers and a jigsaw (no I didn't make the jigsaw).
The ribbons are tied with florist wire so she can untie them to use in scrapping projects.
 I think it is really cute.

And for Gayle a scrapbooker who is entering the world of quilting.
A jug of fat quarter flowers.
These flowers were made by folding or scrunching the fat quarter into a flower shape and tying with florist wire.  Gayle can remove these from their wire when she wants to quilt with them.
 I hope the girls like their gifts for themselves and their future projects.  
Happy birthday Cindy & Gayle.


  1. What fantastic ideas! maybe a silly question but Where did you get the florist wire from? the florist or aceys?

  2. Thanks for the lovely gift Debra, I have this sitting on my dresser am not ready to pull apart the masterpiece.Thanks again. Cindy's looks great too!!

  3. You are so clever. They look great. MUM


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