Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brisbane Quilters you MUST visit GOMA

When I say MUST I mean it would be worth your while and get there quickly.  This exhibit "THREADS" is only showing until the 5th February, but it has some of the most beautiful &detailed quilts and textiles.

This gorgeous Hawaiian style quilt is my favourite.  The colours are so crisp.  (That small person is E, my youngest)

We have just returned home from a holiday and Brisbane and managed to pop over to the gallery for a visit.  This wasn't what we went to see, but I am sure glad we stumbled upon it.

For those of you who are not in Brissie, here are a few photos I snapped and GOMA stands for Gallery of Modern Art, located at Southbank, Brisbane.
Now I must apologise to the makers of these pieces.  I didn't note the specifics of the works, so my comments are mine, not official.

This is 2" squares
 A 'japanese' style coat made from PVC and embossed
 Beautiful woven pieces
 This circular mat was over 2m across and sooo detailed
 Now my boys thought this was a skate ramp (you can see why), it is actually a 22m long piece of Bark Cloth from New Zealand.  It is so long it goes all the way up and over this wall and 2/3 way down the other side.
 I probably should have photographed the detail.  I think this has mirror gems in it.
 This Hawaiian style quilt had amazing quilting detail, but was fairly high up.
 Uses 1" squares

This exhibit is worth seeing in person, but there are other amazing exhibits there too.  Take the time to check it out. GOMA is free and only specialist exhibits (like Mattisse) have an admission fee.  There is usually something to interest  the kids too and often something hands on.

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