Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue inspiration

This week I am supposed to be making a quilt.
  A "Blue" bloke quilt to be exact.

However I am being challenged by the pile of scrap fabrics I have been given & the fact I have 2 sick children at home.
So I decided I would hunt my house for some "Blue" inspiration.  So I raided the china cabinets, and little knick-knack spots  in our house to create a Blue shelf or 3
 Yes I know these aren't "Blokey" blue, but I really enjoyed bringing these pretties out into the light.
 No rhyme or reason.  Just Blue.
Hope you are finding your inspiration today.


  1. Gorgeous!! I am in love the teapot candle holder! Very nice indeed

  2. Black and White and Yellow!!! They all look good, love a good challenge also....


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