Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scarf Complete

You may recall a few blog posts ago, I was knitting to keep my self occupied while worrying about my Grandmother.  Well, while I was in Brisbane for her funeral, I started knitting a scarf.  Why a scarf, because the one in the pattern book looked cool (and easy).

This is spiral scarf from Australian Better Homes & Gardens knitting supplement of a really recent issue (sorry have misplaced the magazine so have no idea what number.)

It was really easy to knit and quite a talking point when people saw me knitting.
It is nice, it is heavy and if I knitted another one, I would knit a 'flat' spot at the back to go around my neck.  It is a little bit bulky, but I like it.

Now please don't bag the pictures.  My family struggle to use my camera so I tried a self  portrait in the mirror.  It looks like a photo of my camera and it is blurry but just focus on the curly scarf.
 and this one might be a little bit better.
So another OPAM to add to the list.

1 comment:

  1. That scarf is really cool, Debra. You did a good job of it once you got the hang (!!) of it.


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