Monday, October 31, 2011

Christmas has arrived and OPAM

Yes, I know it is only the end of October, so Christmas cannot have arrived, but if you looked at my sewing area at the moment, you would think that it was Christmas tomorrow.

I have completed 3 lovely table runners
 and a couple of adorable wall hangings.
 Here they are in closeup.  The fabric panels were designed by Dianna Marcum (a couple of years ago I think)
 I love the phrase on this one.  It really makes you think.
I have also finished a 'secret squirrel' quilt (made with a friend) that I can't reveal or it won't be a secret, but we love it and we're am sure it's new owner will love it too.

So I am quite excited.  These are 6more items for my OPAM list and that brings the month tally to a very healthy 30 items.  Whew, no wonder I feel tired  like I have been sewing alot.

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