Monday, October 24, 2011

OPAM and Craft Fair

Well the Craft Fair is getting closer (only  32 days to go Bindi - don't panic though) and my stock is coming together nicely.  As it needs to as we have a 9th birthday, a wedding, a 60th birthday and just the usual craziness of Term 4 to deal with before then.

These Christmas towels will accompany my 'teacher towels to the event.
and a close up of some of the phrases
 These are my favourite, but I forgot to photograph them before I stitched them into rolls.
  "Peace on Earth" so you can sort of see the stars and "peace on" one towel and "earth" on the other.

 and the same idea with an awesome tree & "Merry" on one towel and "Christmas" on the other.
I am getting excited now and as a bonus these are 11 OPAM finishes.  YEAH!!

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