Monday, October 24, 2011

A 'flock' of elves and a 'herd' of angels

Well I am not sure of the technical term for a group of elves and I am fairly certain that a group of Angels is a 'host' but I feel like they are a 'flock' and a 'herd' due to their behaviour.  They were rolling all around the table and wings were flying and the elves were joking around.

These three were chosen due to their exemplary behaviour, but look at Red there, he is try to steal the limelight from the others.
Now he is behaving himself, but he looks kind of cheeky.
These three along with about 47 others are destined for the craft fair where their new owners will be able to choose the letter they wish to have personalised onto their elf or angel like these three below for the family of a good Roma friend.
Just in case you think I am joking, here are the rest of them waiting to go.
Well these don't count on my OPAM list, but it sure feels good to have more finishes under my belt.

1 comment:

  1. OMG They are so cute!!! and ummm are those 3 for me? lol You are awesome!!

    Lots of Love
    B, L and C :)


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