Friday, May 19, 2017

Easter in Roma

Easter in Roma is a huge event.  Easter in the Country is a major tourist event for our town and our region.
My patchwork group, Roma Patchwork & Crafters Inc held a display in conjunction with the Easter Art Show.

This is the display through the windows of our studio.  It was themed "A Touch of Red"

It was fun to set up the exhibit with works from different people.  It was also sort of scary to find out how many 'red' quilts I had in my house.

The old pinnock looked quite at home in the window with the red & aqua quilt. (not my quilt)



Next year is a quilt show year again, so the display for Easter 2018 will be much bigger.

Till next time.
Debra ~Outback Crafter

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  1. Easter in the bush is a great time as it's not so stinking hot and you can usually enjoy the weather...


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