Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Its Show Time

The second Friday in May is always Roma Show.

Our Family love show time, we all enter exhibits and spend time as a family.  (We are not sure how much longer that will last, the boys are getting older.)

Our photography entries ready for the show.
My photos 
 Master Ts photos
 Hubby's belt for the Leather work section
 I was one of the handicrafts stewards for this year's show, so around work I was out at the pavilion to receive and display exhibits.  These photos were taken before the protective cages were put up.
Part of the quilt / patchwork section
 Some of the lovely, knitting, crochet & miscellaneous categories.

 Some of the many crochet rugs.  (That adorable elephant on the front corner is mine - not made by me but gifted to me.  He looks a bit forlorn on the display.)
 This Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs was knitted.  Each dwarf has real personality.
 The entertainment was Walter Whip  & The Flames.  He did many 'regular' whip tricks with flaming whips.  They made for great lighting effects.
 Master E and his art entries.  He did not place, but this was his first year entering art. There are some amazing artists in our community.
 Master T won two First Place ribbons. This is for his altered digital imagery.
 and this Fern is in the Novice Flora & Fauna.
 My apron came 1st in the apron section.
 Master E entered 2 Lego creations.  The Helicopter you can see over his right shoulder was awarded Highly Commended.
 and the excavator you can see in this photo was awarded Second place.
Master T's Claas Logging Tractor (on the top shelf) was awarded First Prize & Champion Junior Exhibit.  He is really excited as this is the last year he can enter as a junior.
 This hexagon wall hanging by Cecily Hamilton won 1st Prize Patchwork Wall hanging, Best Piece of Patchwork & Champion Handicrafts Exhibit.   It is all hand embroidered and hand stitched.  It is just lovely.
 These were some of the quilts on display.
 The table runners, my blue triangle mat was in this section.  
It did not place.
My cross-stitch ball of wool was awarded 1st place.  
That was an azazing surprise.
My "Red, Red Ribbons" Quilt was awarded 1st place and my Exploding Star was awarded 2nd place. They were both in the Quilt made by 1 person category.
That lovely blue trippy quilt was also in the same category as were 6 or 7 others.
 Then onto the rest of the show.
This Chicken Cake was amazing,  It looked real enough that it could have hung out in the chook pavilion with the live animals.
This real chicken reminded me of a powder puff.  It was more than happy to pose for a photo though.
We took time out to watch the Sheepdog Trials.
And of course the end of a good show is great fireworks.
I am always fascinated by the lights of sideshow alley with the fireworks.
Another great Roma Show.


Until next time.

Debra ~ Outback Crafter


  1. Show time is always great fun......

  2. Hi Debra well done to you and your boys,it looks like a funshow to go to ,so much to see,wish i lived up your way xx


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