Sunday, May 21, 2017

May Makings

 To begin May makings we have to go back to October 2016.  Everyone close your eyes and go back a few months..... a few more... yep, that's it... October 2016.

Roma Patchwork & Crafters Inc hosted a Mystery Quilt Workshop with Sue Pukallus from Bymount Qld.  The lovely Janeene of Fabric Patch to come to Roma with a Pop up shop.  We were going to be spoilt and we had no idea what we were going to make.

 Janeene's shop was full of many treasures and yummy fabrics.
 My workshop fabrics were shopped from my stash.  12 fabrics and a background.
 We got to work.  Busy Bees were we.
 My quilt in progress
 As the quilt tops came together they were varied and all so beautiful.

Gaye's autumn tones.
 Proof I was actually there, obviously someone else had a camera.

Liz's bright bandanna quilt.
 Leanne's pastel beauty.
 Gayle's black and yellow striking quilt.
 Kim's black, white & red. Wow.
 Sue's (our lovely tutor) pastels.
 Olivia's modern brights.
 Kelly's autumn
 All of us together with our quilt.
In usual Debra fashion, I cam home from the workshop, showed the family my quilt and popped it in the sewing room to finish later.

Later finally came on the 5th May.  I had two looming deadlines and needed to finish the quilt.

Onto O-me for some quilting.
 After dealing with some bobbin issues, I realised a simple arrow on my bobbin case might solve the backwards threading issue in the future.  (fingers crossed)
 and back to O-me. Once I dealt with the bobbin issues, it was quite an easy sew thankfully.
 Deadline one "THE ROMA SHOW" was not overly far away, so a finish was needed.
Deadline two had passed in October, but this baby was going to be gifted as a very belated 40th birthday gift after the show.... So onto binding.  Thanks to some late night dramas, binding was completed in record time.

Front "Red, Red Ribbons"
 And the custom made backing from the left over fabrics.  
(I promise they are the same colour, just a trick of the light).
So it was finished with 3 days to spare, leaving time to finish a second entry for the show.

OPAM 1 for May complete. 

Yes I am deadline motivated.  
No I did not get to bed before midnight for a week. :)

Thanks to the always attentive Chooky.  I have found the original pattern "Ribbon Boxes"

See you again soon.
Debra ~ Outback Crafter

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  1. this is a great design for the quilt..........where is the pattern from........


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