Monday, May 22, 2017

Major May Finish

Last week I posted about February's False Starts and Flimsies  well, the quilt in question was going to be my second finish for the Roma Show.

I had 3 days until the deadline and all that I needed to do was quilt and bind.

WRONG... this quilt did not have a backing, so I needed to make one (it was also Sunday and the shops were closed).  Thankfully I had a bolt of white fabric that I picked up on an amazing sale so I could create the right look. (Finished photo at the bottom of the post)

O-me was having a big week and she didn't let me down.  The quilting went very smoothly, thank goodness.

As the quilt is a star, I quilted swirls & stars as an all over design.
 I love the feeling of the last stitches.
Then I created a red binding from assorted red fabrics in my stash and bound while watching more evening drama & crime shows.  

I present "Exploding Star"  60" x 60".  
(Photo is a little dark as it was almost midnight when I took the photo)

 and the back of "Exploding Star"

I am so very proud of this quilt.  I am so excited I was able to design something that worked.  A few tweaks along the way, but that is an important part of the design process.

My boys inform me this is my best quilt yet - but they are also fairly sure they will not be permitted to use it.

So this is OPAM # 2 for May and entry 2 for Roma Show.

See you again soon.
Debra ~ Outback Crafter

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  1. I love your quilt Debra.... you deserve to be proud of it...


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