Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 Finishes and birthday pressies

I have this morning completed these 2 lovelies.

They were made from the leftovers & off cuts from my Vines in the Garden quilt using Nature's Notebook by April Cornell for Moda.  I think they look nice and fresh with their 'damask' table cloth for the white.
 This one is braids or plaits.
 And this is pieced bits.  The offcuts of braids and tiny left overs.
They are both destined for new homes as Birthday presents.  (I did think about giving one to Hubby for his birthday next week just so I could keep it in my house.) I hope their new owners like them as much as I do.

Those of you who read the blog regularly must be wondering why I have so many finishes in a short time?  That is because I cleaned up.  It is amazing I re-arranged my sewing space and put all the UFOs in one place.  I then made myself look at them to determine what I had to do to finish, I wrote a list.  Chose a couple to finish (the easy ones) and got to it.  The others are away in a box (not too well hidden) and as I finish one I take another out of the box.  The list is quite liberating - I know strange.

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  1. Wonderful progress on your UFOs Debra! I'm envious of your progress and I love the blue and white! I'm going to make a list for myself right now!


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