Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An unidentified UFO and an OPAM

Imagine my surprise last week when believing I knew all about my UFOs that I found another one, in plain sight, right under my nose.

This "SNOWBALL I SPY" quilt was being used as a cover in my craft room.  I look at it almost every day & therefore I don't 'see' it.  The poor quilt hadn't been bound - Oh shock and horror.
 So after a quick whizz around the edge, it is now FINISHED and UFO no more. 
It is probably one of my worst sewing and definitely worst quilting jobs, but it is bright and full of fun things to find.

Here are a couple of close ups of some of the fabrics - snowmen, butterflies, smiling cabbage flowers, Amish carts.
 teddy bears, hula babies, kitchen dishes, leaves.
You get the idea.  The humble snowball block. What a great 'frame' it provides for the feature fabric.

Now as I have no small children to play on the quilt, TJ Bear decided he would hunt for I Spy things.

Oh Yeah, this means I have completed another OPAM.  YEAH!!!

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