Monday, August 22, 2011

An Accidental Quilt

I had these 4 fabrics in my home to make a quilt for a friend's 21st birthday.

The quilt was going to be a modern & funky 21 year old friendly design.  The fabrics were going to go together beautifully as they are from the same range. (Another Iota for Robert Kaufmann Fabrics)  It was going to be perfect.  
(Photo from Cow Paddocks and Craft)


When I cut the fabrics and started placing them they just SCREAMED at each other.  
I was disappointed.  
I was angry.  
I was frustrated.  
The quilt would not be perfect.  
The quilt would be lucky to be finished.  
I Took the stripe fabric and threw it across the room, it was rejected from the 21st Quilt.

 Later when passing the pile of 'striped rejects' I realised they had fallen onto each other on the diagonal (no photograph - just go with me). 
I was surprised.
I was intrigued.
  I looked closer
.  I consciously folded the fabrics into 1/4 square triangles.  
I could see a pattern emerging, so I cut.
 And I sewed like a woman possessed.  
The 'vertical stripes' joined themselves into Cross blocks and the 'horizontal' stripes joined themselves into boxes.    
I loved it and I couldn't stop.  
I cut and sewed until I ran out of material .
 I have made  "Optical Illusion".

  Oh the rejects have become the favourite quilt.
I love this so much, I purchased the remaining fabric off the bolt to make more squares and make a bigger quilt.   My 'appreciation' of stripes is increasing and maybe I might even consciously go shopping for stripes, 'cause this is an awesomely easy and effective quilt.

And yes, I did finish the 21st quilt but I can't show you as she may not have received it yet.  The birthday is today, it just depends if Australia Post were on my schedule or not.

Can't wait for my fabric to arrive.  Do you ever have one of those moments?  It is good to be excited about a quilt design.


  1. Wow! that is an out-there quilt. How cool.

  2. The stripes are very eye catching and another challenge for me.


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