Monday, August 8, 2011

Christmas in AUGUST??

Christmas has come to my house in AUGUST.  Yes, I completed another UFO off the list.

This table cloth had 1 name waiting to be embroidered from Christmas 2010 and it was a UFO.  Just one short stint of stitching in front of the TV and it is done.
Ah what a good feeling
This cloth has a story.  

It was my Nanna & Poppa's table cloth & we had Christmas at their house almost every year until I was about 18.  This cloth was on the "BIG" table (or the adults' table) and being the 2nd youngest I was never old enough to move to the "BIG" table.  By the time I could move up the table wasn't big enough and they added another "BIG" table so we could all be there together.  

Nanna cleaned out her Christmas things about 10 years ago and thought I would like the cloth & napkins as I LOVE Christmas.  (And I don't mean that lightly - Christmas is the best time of year - truly)

The cloth has lived in our house ever since and I decided when we host Christmas our guests will sign & date the cloth as a memento of their visit.  Now in 10 years of marriage, I have had Christmas of some variety at my house 4 times.  Each year is stitched in a different colour and all guests regardless of age are represented on the cloth.  The names go around the centre design and hopefully will fill the white border over time.
I love that is has captured my children when they were 'little' as they sure don't stay that way for long.
I love that it is a 'tradition' that my family unit has created.

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